Tips for Winter Chainsaw Maintenance

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Maintaining a big garden is a challenge, especially in the time when weather is harsh and detrimental to the growth of plants and trees. With the onset of winters things have turned out to be a little difficult to not only to maintain your garden but also your gardening tools and equipment. There are variety of tools such leaf blower, brush cutter repairs in Frankston, pressure cleaner and others, but it is a real challenge for winter chainsaw operation. If you maintain it in a right way, it will give you top performance even in the face of terrible freezing temperature.Personal Protective Equipment

Before taking care of chainsaw, it is important to wear protective apparel such as hearing protection, gloves, chaps etc. In the winter, woods tend to splinter, so protect with an eye protection and wear helmet. You can also order cut retardant and resistant to water and snow, giving a good option of good protective leg wears.

Winter Chainsaw Maintenance and operation

In a freezing temperature, below 40 degree F, your chainsaw needs to be prepared. First, you switch the winter/summer shutter on your saw to “winter” to activate the carburetor pre-heater system. Not all chainsaws have this features but if you have then surely activate the carburetor pre-heater system. In winter months, you always need certain extra maintenance, so here further suggestions how you can improve your chainsaw performance.

• Always check the sprocket cover first because in winters it is very natural to accumulate snow and moisture in the sprocket cover. Sprocket cover is the place where mostly sawdust and oil accumulates, so clean it first before you start it for your winter months.

• The most prevalent problem of chainsaw is the accumulation of dirt in the chain brake. So clean it before you start your chainsaw in the winter.

• In winter it is often snow covers around the fuel tank, creating a problem in ignition. Keep your fuel tank clean and avoid unnecessary aggravation from snow and moisture.

• Always free your anti-vibration system free from snow and moisture. The moisture could be detrimental to the operation of your anti-vibration system. Same thing happens with pressure cleaners in Frankston when things get suddenly stopped because of moisture and snow.

• For a proper functioning, you need to clear all snow and ice droplets from the throttle trigger. A little moisture could hamper the operation of throttle trigger.

• Sometimes because of overheating, your chainsaw becomes clogged. You need to make sure your cooling air intake clean free from ice and moisture.

Special weather-related precautions

In winter months ground is frozen and slippery, so for a proper functioning you need a good traction. It is important to check your garden equipment more than any other weather. To cut the frozen wood is tough so you need to make your saw chain’s filling angle by 5 degree. You can just decrease your chain angle to increase the performance.

Many people ignore the handle of chainsaw, but during winter ice accumulate on the handles to make it slippery. Also clear snows and ice from the trunk of the tree.

Author’s Bio – An avid gardener, and engineer, Mike Gooch tells people about various means of gardening and related tools like brushcutters in Frankston and chainsaw repair etc. He also covers a variety of landscaping, lawn care and pressure cleaner in Frankston.

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