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Go Green On Your Lawn With A Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Spring is here and that means it’s Lawn cutting season. In the interest of curbing your carbon footprint and going green, You may want to consider an eco-friendly alternative to a healthy, beautiful lawn – an electric Cordless lawn mower. Also options for self-propelled, high-powered electric lawn mowers abound, and There’s a mower to fit…

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Steps to Designing a Perfect Garden

Garden design is not just the ability to create a beautifully illustrated plan, although this is one of the many outputs of the garden design process and arguably the most exciting. A garden designer’s role is to find creative, practical solutions to the many technical challenges presented by an outdoor space. A good garden designer…

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Tips For Choosing Plants For Your Garden

Walking through the garden center of your local store, it is easy to get caught up in all the beautiful colors and textures of the plants. With so many choices available, you might fall into the trap of buying plants on impulse. Instead of thinking about how they fit into your garden design, you start…

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